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Siaya County is well endowed with a wealth of good environment and natural resources ranging from prime fertile agricultural land, rivers and the Lake Victoria. On the other hand, there is wanton destruction and unsustainable utilization of the natural resources, leading to serious degradation of the environment. For instance, uncontrolled brick making has increased unabated especially along the road reserves, wetlands and on arable cropland. The burning of bricks has lead to increase in felling of trees most of which are indigenous without replacement. Brick making also creates galleys which are a hazard to children as well as being a breeding ground for the mosquitoes.

Many households accounting for close to 92% depend on firewood for cooking; in addition, charcoal burning as a source of energy and income is rampant due to poverty and high rates of unemployment. This has also affected various indigenous trees which are becoming increasingly rare. Alternative sources of energy are also expensive for many average residents of the district.

Our Programmatic intervention

 Tembea in partnership with community groups and a host of other stakeholders facilitate wide range of interventions towards sustainable livelihoods, sustainable utilization and conservation of natural resource base. These include promotion and provision of trainings and skills on alternative livelihoods, environmental education and awareness, environmental research and monitoring, training and capacity building/strengthening, water and sanitation, ecosystem health restoration and rehabilitation. These interventions target the mid-lower Nzoia Basin, catchment areas, gazeted hilltops and the Yala Complex.