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Energy - Tembea Youth Community Empowerment Enviromental Stewardship and Sustainability

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Energy Efficient Cook stoves for Siaya Communities

The project aims to construct energy efficient cook stoves for rural communities in Siaya County in Nyanza Province, Kenya.  As in many rural regions in developing countries the supply of modern energy carriers such as electricity and fossil fuels is very limited and expensive. In Siaya district, only 1.4% of the population use electricity for lighting and only 0.1% for cooking purposes. To meet their basic energy needs households rely on locally available biomass such as firewood and also occasionally charcoal; almost 90% of households use firewood for cooking and 9% use charcoal for preparing their meals. Households in Siaya district traditionally cook on open fires consisting of 3 stones, in this way burning large amounts of fuel wood in very inefficient ways. This has severe impacts at the social (health) and environmental levels (e.g. deforestation, CO2 emission).This project aims to mitigate these impacts by introducing energy efficient cook stoves to Siaya communities in Kenya. The efficient cooks stove is a biomass rocket stove designed for burning wood and consist of two cooking units that can be separately fired. The stove is fixed and installed in households. These efficient cook stoves bring multiple benefits to the stove users. It reduces firewood consumption by approximately 40-50%, thus reducing the burden of firewood collection on women and children or relieving the households budget for fuel purchase; moreover, through the cleaner and more efficient combustion harmful smoke emissions are reduced and indoor air quality is considerably improved; the reduction in firewood consumption helps to conserve forest vegetation and to reduce CO2 emissions, which are responsible for climate change.

The efficient cook stoves are constructed using locally available materials such as mud, bricks and sawdust. Local artisans are identified in the villages and trained in stove construction and household mobilization. An innovative village based group’s savings and loaning (CSL) is integrated to enhance affordability and access to efficient cook stoves through soft loans. Moreover regular energy education and demonstration will be conducted to enhance awareness, adoption and utility.

The project is developed as a carbon offset project in partnership with Swiss non-profit foundation Myclimate (Zurich, Switzerland) and is coordinated and implemented by the Kenya Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development (Ugunja, Kenya).This project is financed through the mechanism of carbon credits and will be certified under the Gold Standard Foundation.

The project implementation started in October 2010 with the construction of the first efficient cook stove. Over the course of seven years, the project will distribute around 48,500 stoves to local communities in Siaya. The project is expected to reduce an average of 45,154tonnes CO2 per annum, and approximately 316,080 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in seven years.


Myclimate-Foundation for Climate Protection –

Gold Standard Foundation (project documentation)

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